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Notice to Chairpersons


Chairpersons play a key role in the success of a session. We do thank them for their dedication and effort.

Chairperson meeting (poster and oral)

A chairperson session preparation meeting will be held each morning 8:00 - 8:30 (check the appropriate meeting room on the general information panel). Each presenting author involved in a session of the day is kindly requested to attend this meeting.

Chairpersons are requested to verify if authors of their session are or will be present and to inform them of the timing of the session. They will collect the missing media for presentation (CD, diskette,..) and will report to the organizing committee.

Chairpersons are kindly requested to fill up a short summary of the focal point of the session (less than 5 lines) and to designate a presentation of their session for its interest quality and clarity.

Oral Session

Chairpersons are time keepers. They will coordinate and mitigate the discussion of their session. Oral session are given in Richelieu Room

Poster Session

Chairpersons are in charge to open and to close the session. To open the session, they are requested to present the list of the posters which will be discussed during the session (printed view graph of their session will be prepared by the organizing committee). This presentation (less than 5 minutes) is given in the poster room (Mazarin Room). To close the session, the chairpersons need to make a short public announcement. During the session the chairperson will relay any request of authors toward the organizing committee.


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