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Sunday 8

Monday 9
Electrical Activity and Meteorology
Tuesday 10 Storm Electrification
Wednesday 11 Fair Weather Electricity
Middle Atmosphere Electrical Events
Lightning Protection
Thursday 12 Physics of Lightning
Friday 13 Global Lightning and Climate
Global Electrical Circuit


Monday 9th June


Top Week Schedule




Session B1 Electrical Activity and Meteorology I


S. Goodman
keynote: Atmospheric Electrical Activity and the Prospects for Improving Short-term Weather Forecasting


W. A. Petersen and D. J. Boccippio
Variability of Lightning Activity as a Function of Tropical Easterly Wave Phase


M. S. Gilmore, A. Fierro, E. R. Mansell, L. J. Wicker, and J. M. Straka
The influence of local environmental conditions upon supercell kinematics, microphysics, electrification, and lightning.


Y. Maekawa, S. Ogata, Y. Shibagaki, Y. Sonoi, M. Teshiba, H. Hashiguchi, and S. Fukao
Multi-wavelength Radar Observations of Wintertime Thunder Clouds Related to the Polarity of the Lightning Discharges


G. K. Manohar and A. P. Kesarkar
Climatology of Thunderstorm Activity over Indian Region: A Study of East-West Contrast

10:30 Coffee Break
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Session B2 Electrical Activity and Meteorology II

11:00 W. R. Burrows and C. Price
Statistical Models for 1-2 Day Lightning Prediction for Canada and the Northern United States

S. Soula, S. Coquillat, S. Chauzy, J. F. Georgis, and Y. Seity
Surface precipitation electric current produced by convective rains during map

11:30 J. E. Dye, J. C. Willett, W. D. Hall, E. Defer, S. Lewis, D. Mach, M. Bateman, H. Christian, C. A. Grainger, P. Willis, and F. J. Merceret
The Decay of Electric Field in Anvils: Observations and Comparison with Model Calculations
11:45 M. G. Bateman, D. M. Mach, S. Lewis, J. E. Dye, E. Defer, C. A. Grainger, P. T. Willis, H. J. Christian, and F. J. Merceret
Comparison of in-situ Electric Field and Radar Derived Parameters for Stratiform Clouds in Central Florida.
12:00 Y. Seity, S. Soula, and S. Chauzy
Relationships between lightning flash production and microphysics observed in European thunderstorms.
12 :15 Qie Xiushu, Zhang Guangshu, Kong Xiangzhen, Wang Huibin, Zhang Tong, Zhou Yunjun and Zhang Yijun
Observation on the Lightning Discharges in the Northeastern Verge of Tibetan Plateau

12:30 lunch
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Session B B3 Electrical Activity and Meteorology III (poster)


S. J. Goodman, R. Blakeslee, H. Christian, D. Boccippio, W. Koshak, J. Bailey, J. Hall, M. Bateman, E. McCaul, D. Buechler, W. Petersen, C. Darden, and T. Bradshaw
The North Alabama Lightning Mapping Array: Recent Results and Future Prospects


E. W. McCaul Jr., S. J. Goodman, D. Buechler, R. Blakeslee, H. Christian, D. Boccippio, W. Koshak, J. Bailey, J. Hall, M. Bateman, W. Petersen, C. Darden, and T. Bradshaw
A Total Lightning Climatology for the Tennessee Valley Region

N. W. S. Demetriades and M. J. Murphy
Normal polarity severe thunderstorms dominated by negative CG lightning in the Dallas-Fort Worth area
  T. Suda, T. Shindo, and A. Wada
Lightning activity observed with lightning location systems of electric utilities in Japan 1992-2001

S. Heckman
What Does The Lightning Flash Rate Measure?

  M. O. Domingues, O. Mendes Jr., C. Sin Chan, and C. A. A. Beneti
A discussion on atmospheric parameters related to lightning activities: events from the Interdisciplinary Pantanal Experiment (2nd. Data campaign), Brazil
  Z. Kawasaki, S. Yoshida, and T. Morimoto
National wide SAFIR network in Japan
  K. Michimoto, T. Shimura, T. Suzuki, and T. Hanada
A Study of Winter Thunderstorms in the Hokuriku Coastal Area, Japan
  V. Mushtak, E. Williams, and D. Boccippio
Latitudinal Variation of Cloud Base Height and Lightning Parameters in the Tropics
  K. P. Naccarato, O. Pinto Jr., and I. R. C. A. Pinto
Lightning activity over large urban areas of the southeastern Brazil
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Session B4 Electrical Activity and Meteorology IV (poster)

  O. Altaratz, Z. Levin, Y. Yair, and B. Ziv
Differences in Winter Lighting Activity over Land and Sea across the Eastern Coast of the Mediterranean

J. C. Bailey, R. J. Blakeslee, O. Pinto, A. Athayde, N. Renno, and C. D. Weidman
The Rondonia lightning detection network: network description, science objectives, data processing/archival methodology, and results

N. W. S. Demetriades, M. J. Murphy, and P. Richard
The advantages of total lightning over CG lightning for thunderstorm cell identification and tracking and its complement to radar reflectivity
  S. Dossou-Gbété and S. Pedeboy
A dynamic and evolutive classification method based on self generating cells: an application to the identification of storm cells
  N. Dotzek, B. Rabin, and R. Holle
Lightning evolution in the severe storms in Texas on 7 April 2002
  A. Frank-Kamenetsky, O. Troshichev, V. Morozov, G. Burns, M. Fuellekrug, and A. Rogers
Relatioship between variations of the atmospheric electric field in the southern polar region and thunderstorm activity
  I. R. C. A. Pinto, O. Pinto Jr., M. A. S. Santos, F. J. Miranda
Lighting research in Brazil: recent results 2. Indirect measurements
  C. Price and B. Murphy
Positive Lightning Activity During an Intense Derecho
  J. T. Rompala, R. J. Blakeslee, and J. C. Bailey
Detection Efficiency Contours for Regions Serviced by Lightning Detection Networks of Limited Scope
  V. N. Stasenko, S. M. Galperin, and G. G. Shchukin
Severe storm lightning evolution pattern and associated weather hazards
  B. A. Zajac and J. F. Weaver
Lightning Training in the National Weather Service

18:00 end of the session
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