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Sunday 8


Monday 9

Electrical Activity and Meteorology
Tuesday 10 Storm Electrification
Wednesday 11 Fair Weather Electricity
Middle Atmosphere Electrical Events
Lightning Protection
Thursday 12
Physics of Lightning
Friday 13 Global Lightning and Climate
Global Electrical Circuit


Thursday 12th June


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Session C1 Physics of Lightning I
Chairpersons: X. Qie and P. Krider

8:30 N L Aleksandrov, E M Bazelyan and Y P Raizer
Keynote: Initiation and Development of Lightning Discharge: Physical Mechanism and Problems

N. S. Khaerdinov, A. S. Lidvansky, and V. B. Petkov
Effect of the Electric Field of thunderclouds on Cosmic Rays and evidence for pre-lightning acceleration of electrons

9:15 H. E. Tierney, R. A. Roussel-Dupré, E. M. D. Symbalisty, and L. Triplett
Runaway Breakdown and Lightning Initiation
9:30 A. Larsson, A. Delannoy and P. Lalande
The voltage gradient along a lightning channel during strikes to aircraft
9:45 J-P. Pinty, G. Molinié, C. Barthe, and F. Roux
A semi-deterministic scheme to produce IC/CG lightnings in a 3D cloud resolving model
10:00 W. Rison, P. Krehbiel, R. Thomas, T. Hamlin, and J. Harlin
Lightning Mapping and Radar Observations of Bolts from the Blue
10:15 J. C. Willett, Garrett Park, D. M. Le Vine
Lightning Return-Stroke Current Waveforms Aloft, From Measured Field Change, Current, and Channel Geometry

10:30 Coffee Break
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Session C2 Physics of Lightning II
Chairpersons: P. Krehbiel and E. Bazelyan

11:00 V. Kodali, V. A. Rakov, M. A. Uman, K. J. Rambo, G. H. Schnetzer, J. Schoene, and D. E. Crawford
Lightning Properties Inferred from Measurements of Very Close Electric Fields

M. Miki, T. Shindo, V. A. Rakov, M. A. Uman, K. J. Rambo, G. H. Schnetzer, G. Diendorfer, M. Mair, F. Heidler, W. Zischank, and R. Thotappillil
Characterization of pulses superimposed on the initial continuous current of upward lightning

11:30 O. Pinto Jr., I. R. C. A. Pinto, and M. M. F.Saba
Lightning research in Brazil: recent results on Direct Measurements
11:45 M. A. Stanley, A. R. Jacobson, and X-M. Shao
The VHF Power Spectrum of Lightning

12:15 Lunch

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Session C3 Physics of Lightning III (poster)
Chairpersons: V. Rakov, Z. Kawasaki

C3-1 M. P. Boussaton, S. Coquillat, and S. Chauzy
Influence of Water Conductivity on microdischarges from raindrops in strong electric fields

V. Cooray
The effect of corona space charge layer at ground level below thunderclouds on peak return stroke currents

C3-3 Dong Wansheng, Zhang Yijun, and Liu Xinsheng
The Broadband Interferometer Observations of Lightning in Tibet
C3-4 P. H. Handel, M. Grace, J. F.Leitner, A. B. Timofeev, and A. V. Zvonkov
Ball lightning Discharge Fed by an Atmospheric Maser
C3-5 M. Kamogawa, H. Ofuruton, H. Tanaka, and Y-H. Ohtsuki
Study of ball lightning generated by electromagnetic wave localization
C3-6 Z. Kawasaki and T. Morimoto
Bi-directional leader concept and VHF observations
C3-7 V. Mazur and L.H. Runhke
Determining Leader Potential in Cloud-to-Ground Flashes
C3-8 Mingli Chen, Yaping Du, John Burnett, and Wansheng Dong
The Electromagnetic Radiation from Lightning in the Interval of 5 kHz to 60 MHz
C3-9 M. Nakano, S. Sumi, and K. Miura
The polarity effect of the production of nitrogen oxides by a long spark
C3-10 Nguyen Manh Duc
On some physical processes of lightning discharge in a thundercloud
C3-11 M. Petitdidier and P. Laroche
Lightning observations at UHF and VHF with wind-profiler radars in Puerto Rico
C3-12 V. A. Rakov, M. A. Uman, and K. J. Rambo
A Review of Ten Years of Triggered-Lightning Experiments at Camp Blanding, Florida
C3-13 M. M. F. Saba, N. N. Solórzano;, O. Pinto Jr., and A. Eybert-Berard
Characteristics of triggered lightning flashes observed in Brazil
C3-14 J. Schoene, M. A. Uman, V. A. Rakov, K. J. Rambo, J. Jerauld, V. Kodali, and G. H. Schnetzer
Triggered Lightning Electric and Magnetic Fields at 15 and 30 m: Measurements and Implications for Return Stroke Modeling
C3-15 N. N. Solórzano, M. M. F. Saba, O. Pinto Jr., and A.. Eybert-Berard
Comparisons between triggered and natural lightning observed in Brazil
C3-16 X-M. Shao, A. Jacobson and T.J. Fitzgerald
VHF radiation beam pattern of return strokes
C3-17 V. D. Stepanenko and S. M. Galperin
About of possibility formation lightning electromagnetic re-emission by several form of clouds
C3-18 A. G. Temnikov
Dynamics of electric field formation inside the artificially charged aerosol cloud and in a space near its boundaries
C3-19 A. G. Temnikov, I. P. Vereshchagin, A. V. Orlov, and M. V. Sokolova
Investigation of the main stage of a discharge between an artificially charged water aerosol cloud and a grounded electrode
C3-20 A. Wada, A. Asakawa, T. Shindo, and S. Yokoyama
Leader and return stroke speed of upward-initiated lightning
C3-21 D. Wang, N. Takagi, T. Watanabe, V. A. Rakov, M. A. Uman, K. J. Rambo, and M. V. Stapleton
A Comparison of Channel-Base Currents and Optical Signals for Rocket-Triggered Lightning Strokes
C3-22 Ping Yuan, Xinsheng Liu, and Yijun Zhang
Spectral properties of lightning return stroke
C3-23 Y. Zhou, X. Qie, M. Yan, and G. Zhang
Ground observation of NOx generated by lightning in thunderstorm weather

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Session C4 Physics of Lightning IV (poster)
Chairpersons: T. Marshall and W. Rison

C4-1 G. Baffou, E. P. Krider, N. D. Murray, and J. C. Willett
dE/dt and E waveforms radiated by leader steps just before the onset of first return strokes striking seawater

W. H. Beasley, C. M. M. Noble, T. E. Light, D. M. Suszcynsky, and B. C. Edgar
Coincident Observations of lightning by Ground-Based and Satellite-Borne Location and Mapping Systems: inferences for Lightning Physics

C4-3 A-L.Brasseur, P.Laroche, C.Thèry
A New Lightning NOx Production Parameterization
C4-4 E. Defer, P. Laroche , J. E. Dye a, and W. Skamarock.
Use of total lightning lengths to estimate NOx Production in a Colorado Storm
C4-5 A. K. Erickson, P. R. Krehbiel, and W. K. Hocking
Three-Dimensional Imaging of Lightning Channels using a 35 MHz Interferometric Radar: Preliminary Results
C4-6 T. Fehr, N. Dotzek, and P. Laroche
Characteristics of lightning activity in EULINOX storms
C4-7 L. Grcev, F. Rachidi, and V. Rakov
Comparison of Electromagnetic Models of the Lightning Return Stroke Using Current and Voltage Sources
C4-8 J. Harlin, T. Hamlin, P. Krehbiel, R. Thomas, and W. Rison
Using the NMIMT LMA to Determine Which Model of Lightning Initiation Fits Best with Measured Results
C4-9 M. J. Heavner, D. M. Suszcynsky, and D. A Smith
LF/VLF Intracloud Waveform Classification
C4-10 D. I. Iudin, V. Y. Trakhtengerts, A. Grigoryev, and M. Hayakawa
Electric charge fractal transport and electromagnetic high frequency radiation on the lightning discharge preliminary stage
C4-11 J. Jerauld, M. A. Uman, V. A. Rakov, K. J. Rambo, D. M. Jordan, and G. H. Schnetzer
Multiple-Station Measurements of Close Electric and Magnetic Fields and Field Derivatives from Natural Lightning
C4-12 W. J. Koshak, R. J. Solakiewicz, R. J. Blakeslee, S. J. Goodman, D. J. Boccippio, H. J. Christian, J. M. Hall, J. C. Bailey, M. G. Bateman, D. M. Mach, E. W. McCaul, M. F. Stewart, D. E. Buechler, and W. A. Petersen
Error Analyses of the North Alabama Lightning Mapping Array (LMA)
C4-13 A. K. Kamra and S. D. Pawar
Recovery curves of the lightning discharges initiated from the lower positive charge pocket in thunderstorm
C4-14 P. Lalande, P. Blanchet, P. Laroche, S. Laik, S. Luque, J.-A. Rouquette, H. Poirot, P.-N. Gineste, F. Hoeppe, A. Ulmann, and P. Dimnet
ALISDAR: an Automatic Lightning System Detection and Recording
C4-15 O. Mendes Jr., M. O. Domingues, E. E. N. Macau, and A. P. dos Santos
Studies on lightning flashes by using fractal analyses and methods of geometrical statistics
C4-16 O. Mendes Jr., M. O. Domingues, J. C. Thomaz, and D. F. da Silva
Analysis of some lightning features based on the numerical stepped leader path simulation
C4-17 F. J. de Miranda, O. Pinto Jr., and M. M. F. Saba
Advances in electric field and light measurements of lightning in Brazil
C4-18 J. Montanyà, J. Bergas, and B. Hermoso
Ceptrum application to electrostatic field on lightning prediction
C4-19 N. D. Murray, E. P. Krider, and J. C. Willett
Multiple Pulses in the Electric Field Derivative, dE/dt, During the Onset of First Return Strokes in Lightning Striking
C4-20 W. Rison, W. P. Winn, and S. J. Hunyady
Initial Results from a Compact, High Time Resolution, Lightning Mapping System
C4-21 M. A. Stanley and M. J. Heavner
Tall structure lightning induced by sprite-producing discharges
C4-22 T. Suzuki, T. Shimura, and K. Michimoto
Design of Lightning Flash Observation and Ranging System
C4-23 R. Thomas, P. Krehbiel, W. Rison, T. Harlin, J. Hamlin and N. Campbell
The LMA Flash Algorithm
C4-24 T. J. Tuomi
IMPACT-SAFIR comparisons in Finland
C4-25 Y. Zhang, P. Krehbiel, T. Hamlin, J. Harlin, R. Thomas, and W. Rison
Observations of radiations from airplane during STEPS

18:00 End of Session

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