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Sunday 8



Monday 9

Electrical Activity and Meteorology
Tuesday 10
Storm Electrification
Wednesday 11 Fair Weather Electricity
Middle Atmosphere Electrical Events
Lightning Protection
Thursday 12 Physics of Lightning
Friday 13 Global Lightning and Climate
Global Electrical Circuit


Tuesday 10th June


Top Week Schedule



SESSION A1 Storm Electrification I
Chairpersons: T. Takahashi and J. Latham

8:30 D. MacGormann
Keynote: Recent advance on storm electrification observation and modeling

C. P. R Saunders, H. Norman, and E. E Avila
Laboratory studies of the effect of cloud conditions on charge transfer in thunderstorm electrification

9:15 T. Takahashi
Lightning and In-Cloud Ice Phases in the East Asian Monsoon
9:30 E. R. Mansell, D. R. MacGorman, J. M. Straka, and C. L. Ziegler
Electrification and Lightning in Simulated Storms

9:45 E. A. Mareev, D. I. Iudin, A. E. Sorokin, V. Yu. Trakhtengerts, T. C. Marshall, and M. Stolzenburg
Fine Structure of Thunderstorm Electric Field: Spectra from Soundings and Significance for Charge Generation Mechanisms
10:00 Orit Altaratz, Zev Levin, Tamir Reisin and Yoav Yair
Simulation of the Development and Structure of the Electric Field in a 3-Dimensional Electrically Active Cloud Field using the RAMS Model
10:15 C. Barthe, J-P. Pinty, G. Molinié, and F. Roux
Development and first results of an explicit electrical scheme in the 3D French mesoscale model "MésoNH"

10:30 Coffee Break
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SESSION A2 Storm Electrification II
Chairpersons: C. Saunders and D. Rust

11:00 W. D.Rust, D. R. MacGorman, P. R. Krehbiel, R. Thomas, E. Bruning, and S. Stroman
The Status of our Search for Inverted-Polarity Electrical Structures in Thunderstorms

M. Stolzenburg, T. C. Marshall, L. M. Coleman, P. R. Krehbiel, R. J. Thomas, W. Rison, and T. Hamlin
Evolution of Electric Charge and Lightning Type in Developing Thunderstorms

11:30 R. J. Blakeslee, C. L. Croskey, M. D. Desch, W. M. Farrell, R. A. Goldberg, J. G. Houser, H. S. Kim, D. M. Mach, J. D. Mitchell, and J. C. Stoneburner
The Altus Cumulus Electrification Study (ACES): A UAV-Based Science Demonstration
11:45 P. Krehbiel, W. Rison, R. Thomas, T. Hamlin, J. Harlin, and Y. Zhang
Thunderstorm Observations with the Lightning Mapping Array
12:00 M. Ishii, M. Saito, J-I. Hojo, and K. Kami
Location of charges associated with cloud-to-ground flashes in winter
12:15 T. Morimoto, T. Shimura, and Z. Kawasaki
Three-dimensional lightning observations and consideration to charge distribution inside thunderclouds using the broadband interferometer

12:30 Lunch
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Session A3 Storm Electrification III (poster)
Chairperson: S. Coquillat

A3-1 A. G. Amiranashvili and A. G. Nodia
Some Results of Investigation of IL-14 Airplane Electrization in Clouds and Atmosphere

P. Baranski, P. Bodzak, and A. Maciazek
The complex discharge lightning events observed simultaneously by the SAFIR, radar, field mill and maxwell current antenna during thunderstorms near Warsaw

A3-3 W. H. Beasley, F. W. Gallagher, A. R. Bansemer, L. G. Byerley, J. A. Swenson, and I. G. Bogoev
Simulations of Spatial and Temporal Variations of Electric-Field Contours at the Surface Beneath Thunderstorms as Would Be Observed by a Network of Solar-Powered Electric-Field Meters
A3-4 A. M. Blyth and J. Latham
Corona emission thresholds for graupel-graupel collisions close to the 0C isotherm in thunderclouds
A3-5 D. E. Buechler, D. M. Mach, and R. J. Blakeslee
Relationships between Electrical and Radar Characteristics of Thunderstorms Observed During ACES
A3-6 L. M. Coleman, M. Stolzenburg, T. C. Marshall, P. R. Krehbiel, R. J. Thomas, W. Rison, and T. Hamlin
The Effects of Charge and Electrostatic Potential on Lightning Propagation
A3-7 S. Coquillat, M. P. Boussaton, S. Chauzy, S. Soula, and F. Gangneron
A new videosonde for in situ observation of precipitation particles
A3-8 A.Delannoy, A.Broc
Modeling of a Wintry Wave-forced Deep Convection over the North of Shetland Islands and Simulation of the Subsequent Cloud Electrification
A3-9 J. A. Dovgaluk, L. V. Kashelva, T. A. Pershina, Y. P. Ponomarev, A. A. Sinkevich, V. D. Stepanenko, and N. E. Veremei
Role of electrical discharges in cloud microphysics and electrical field strength changers
A3-10 T. Hamlin, P. Krehbiel, Y. Zhang, R. Thomas, W. Rison, and J. Harlin
Electrical Structure and Storm Severity Inferred by 3-D Lightning Mapping Observations During STEPS
A3-11 P. H. Handel
Proof of Cloud Instability with Respect to the Formation of Several Horizontal Space Charge Layers
A3-12 S. Kolev
Numerical simulations with the inductive mechanisms using some published data
A3-13 K. M. Kuhlman, E. R. Mansell, C. L. Ziegler, J.. M. Straka, and D. R. MacGorman
Dynamical, Microphysical and Electrical Simulations of the 29 June 2000 STEPS Supercell
A3-14 D. MacGorman, D. Rust, O. van der Velde, M. Askelson, P. Krehbiel, and R. Thomas
Lightning Relative to Precipitation and Tornadoes in a Supercell Storm
A3-15 D. M. Mach and W. J. Koshak
General Matrix Inversion Technique of the Calibration of Electric Field Sensor Arrays on Aircraft Platforms
A3-16 J. Margerit and C. Nicolis
A reaction-diffusion-advection model of the early stages of cloud electrification
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Session A4 Storm Electrification IV (poster)
Chairperson: J. Dye

A4-1 T. C. Marshall, M. Stolzenburg, L. M. Coleman, P. R. Krehbiel, W. Rison, and R. J. Thomas
Using Balloon Measurements to Verify and Quantify Radar and LMA Inferences About Thunderstorms
A4-2 Y. Michalowski
"Warm thunderstorm"- myth or reality
A4-3 Y. Michalowski
Errors during aircraft measurements of the electric field and ways to reduce them
A4-4 K. Michimoto, T. Shimura, T. Suzuki and T. Hanada
A Study of Winter Thunderstorms in the Hokuriku Coastal Area, Japan
A4-5 R. P. Mitzeva, B. D. Tsenova, and C. P. R. Saunders
A modelling study of the effect of cloud supersaturation on non-inductive charge transfer
A4-6 Y. Muhong, S. Anping, and Z. Yijun
Numerical Study on Impact of Electrical Structure on Dynamic Development in Thunderstorm
A4-7 P. Jungwirth, D. Rosenfeld and V. Buch
A possible new molecular mechanism of thundercloud electrification
A4-8 A. A. Sinkevich, J. A. Dovgaluk, and V. D. Stepanenko
Corona discharge in clouds (overview)
A4-9 Y. Sonoi, Y. Maekawa, Z-I. Kawasaki, and S. Fukao
Correlation Coefficients between Disturbance Indexes and Updraft associated with Lightning Discharges Observed by Two kinds of Radars and SAFIR
A4-10 A. E. Sorokin
Charge Spectra of Colliding Ice Crystals and Graupels
A4-11 A. E. Sorokin
Selective ion charging of droplets in thunderstorms under arbitrary oriented electric field
A4-12 J. M. Straka, E. R. Mansell, C. L. Ziegler, D. R. MacGorman, and M. S. Gilmore
Electrification, lightning and microphysics in a simulated, 'bow echo' severe storm
A4-13 T. Ushio, S. Heckman, H. Christian, Z-I. Kawasaki, and K. Okamoto
Vertical Development of Lightning Activity observed by the LDAR system -Lightning Bubbles
A4-14 J. S. Wettlaufer and J. G.Dash
Positive and Negative Cloud-to-Ground Lightning
A4-15 K. C. Wiens, S. A. Tessendorf, and S. A. Rutledge
STEPS June 29, 2000 Supercell: Observations of Kinematic, Microphysical, and Electrical Structure
A4-16 J. C. Willett and J. E. Dye
A Simple Model to Estimate Electrical Decay Times in Anvil Clouds
A4-17 C. Ziegler, E. Mansell, D. MacGorman, and J. Straka
Electrification and lightning in a simulated tornadic, supercell storm

18:00 End of Session
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