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Sunday 8


Monday 9

Electrical Activity and Meteorology
Tuesday 10 Storm Electrification
Wednesday 11
Fair Weather Electricity
Middle Atmosphere Electrical Events
Lightning Protection
Thursday 12 Physics of Lightning
Friday 13 Global Lightning and Climate
Global Electrical Circuit


Wednesday 11th June


Top Week Schedule



Session G1 Fair Weather Electricity I

8:30 H. Tammet
Keynote: Atmospheric Ions
9:00 S. V. Anisimov, E. A. Mareev, A. E. Sorokia, N. M. Shikhova, and M. Dmitriev
Electrodynamic of the fog
9:15 R. Markson
Ionospheric Potential Variation from Temperature Change over the Continents
9:30 U. Horrak, J. Salm, and H. Tammet
Diurnal variation in the concentration of air ions of different mobility classes at a rural area
9 :45 M. Kubicki, S. Michnowski, S. Warzecha, and B. M. Laurikainen
Long term variations of some atmospheric electricity, aerosol, and extra terrestrial elements at Swider Observatory, Poland
10:00 S. Michnowski, M. Kubicki, J. Drzewiecki, S. Israelsson, N. Kleimenova, N. Nikiforova, and O. Kozyreva
Variations of the Atmospheric Electricity Elements in Polar Regions Related to the Solar Wind Changes

10:30 Coffee Break
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Session E1 Middle Atmosphere Electrical Events I

11:00 U. Inan
Keynote: Lightning-Driven Electrodynamics of the Middle Atmosphere
11:30 J. Rai, D. K. Sharma, M. Israil, P. Subrahmanyam, P. Chopra, and S. C. Garg
Effect of lightning on the ionospheric temperatures
11:45 E. Blanc, T. Farges, R. Roche, D. Brebion, and T. Hua
Observations of Lightning and Sprites at the Nadir from the International Space Station
12:00 Y. Hobara, M. Hayakawa, K. Ohta, H. Fukunishi, and E. R. Williams
ELF Transient and Ionospheric Disturbances in Association with Sprites and Elves
12:15 M. Fuellekrug
Looking at the natural atmospheric electromagnetic environment with ELF/ELF magnetometer arrays
12:30 Y. Yair, C. Price, Z. Levin, J. Jospeh, A. Devir, B. Ziv, M. Moalem, P. Israelevich, and S. Clodman
Coordinated Observations of Sprites and other TLE from the Space Shuttle and from the Ground during the MEIDEX

12:45 Lunch
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Session E2 Middle Atmosphere Electrical Events II (poster)

  S. Clodman, Y. Yair
TLE Detection by Instrument and by Proposed Human Vision System for Space-Based Missions

W. M. Farrell, R. A. Goldberg, M. D. Desch, J. G. Houser, J. D. Mitchell, C. L. Croskey, R. J. Blakeslee, D. M. Mach, and J.C. Bailey
Aces : A unique platform for electrodynamic studies of upward currents into the middle atmosphere

Y. Goto, Y. Sato, and Y. Ohba
The optical and spectral measurements of low pressure air discharges as sprite models
  L. Hale
Some Lightning Interactions with the Earth and Ionosphere
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Session D Lightning Protection (poster)

  G. A. Dias, F. V. Sonalio, L. C. F. da Silva, H. L. Blauth, A. Eybert-Berard, and J. Pissolato Fo
Lightning protection of special towers in Amazonia

N. Kitagawa and M. Ohashi
Investigation of a ground flash which killed 19 cows

D. A. Palmer, R. Anderson, G. Houghton, and W. Nelson
Investigation into the Feasibility of Triggering Lightning with High-Pressure Conductive Water Jets
  A. Rousseau and P. Gruet
What is a suitable lightning earth ?
  Y. Zhang and X. Liu
Experiment of Artificially Triggered Lightning to Lightning Rod and Semiconductor Lightning Eliminator
  A. Zeddam, S. Person, C. F. Barbosa, and J. A. Rossi
Experiments with telecommunication lines at the lightning experimental site of cachoeira paulista - Brazil
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Session G2 Fair Weather Electricity II (poster)

  A. G.Amiranashvili, L. L.Kalaijeva, N. D.Karauli, A. T. Khunjua, and A. G. Nodia
Statistical Characteristics of Air Electric Conductivity in Dusheti
K. L. Aplin
A novel technique to determine atmospheric ion mobility spectra
  G. Bowker and H.C. Crenshow
The possible role of fair weather electricity on the charging of wind-dispersed pollen
  L. Delgado, L. Rivas Soriano, F. de Pablo and E. Garcia Diez
Relationship between the atmospheric electric field (A.E.F.) and air pollution in the lower levels of the atmosphere
  A.P. Fews, N.K. Holden, P.A. Keitch and D.L. Henshaw
Corona ion emission from high voltage powerlines-measurement using a novel high resolution ion spectrometer
  K. Iinuma and S. Uchida
Analysis of composite mobility peak for multiple atmospheric ions in equilibrium
  J. Kirkby and R. G. Harrison
Cosmic rays and atmospheric ions: their importance for clouds and climate
  Z. Kobylinski and S. Michnowski
On the atmospheric response to solar cosmic ray events
  M. Noppel, M. Kulmala, and H. Vehkamäki
Ion - induced nucleation of sulphuric acid and water: The effect of hydration
  K. Nagaraja, B. S. N. Prasad, N. Srinivas, and M. S. Madhava
Electrical conductivity near the Earth's surface: Ion - aerosol model
D. Retalis, P. Nastos, and A. Retalis
Variations of large ions concentration in the air above Athens
V. V. Smirnov and A. V. Savchenko
The evolution of large ion stream in atmospheric boundary layer
V. V. Smirnov and J. M. Mäkelä
Ultrafine nucleus in ionized air
H. Tammet
Method of inclined velocities in the air ion mobility analysis
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Session G3 Fair Weather Electricity III (poster)

  A. G. Amiranashvili, V. A. Chikhladze, R. A. Gambashidze, A. T. Khunjua, and A. G. Nodia
Preliminary Results of Investigations of Variations of Atmospheric Electric Parameter Peculiarities Over Tectonic Fractures and During Earthquakes

S. V. Anisimov and E. M. Dmitriev
Aeroelectrical constituant in the database of Borok Geophysical Observatory

S. V. Anisimov, E. A. Mareev, N. M. Shikhova,
Structures and Spectra of Turbulent Pulsations of Electric Field in the Atmosphere
  E. P. Borisenkov, V. A. Filippov, E. N. Kobzareva, I. A. Krushatina, L. N. Nikiforova, Y. M. Shvarts, and V. G. Uspenskaya
Wide variations of atmospheric electric field potential gradient near the ground and meteorotropic reactions in cardiac patients
  M. Kamogawa, H. Fujiwara, H. Ofuruton, J. Y. Liu, Y. J. Chuo, and H. Tanaka
Seismo- atmospheric disturbance observed by anomalous transmission of VHF electromagnetic waves
  G. Kupovykh, V. Morozov, and Y. Shvartz
Electrode Effect under Alpine Conditions
  R. Markson
Atmospheric Electrical Thermal Detection for Sailplanes
  T. Nagao, K. Hattori, K. Sayanagi, S. Uyeda, and M. Kamogawa
The Latest Aspects of Seismo-electromagnetic Observations in Japan
  A. I. Petrov, G. G. Petrova, and I. N. Panchishkina
Statistic structure of variations of vertical "atmosphere-earth" currents
  N. Takagi, D. Wang, T. Watanabe, K. Yamaguchi and M. Kobori
Development of space charge sensing system
  S. N. Tripathi, R. G. Harrison
Radioactive aerosols in the environment
  B. S. N. Prasad, K. Nagaraja, M. S. Chandrashekara, L. Paramesh, and M. S. Madhava
Diurnal and seasonal variations of radioactivity and electrical conductivity near the surface for a continental location Mysore (12 N, 76 E), India  
  Z. Moroza, C. Kownacki, B. Myslek-Laurikainen, M. Matul, S. Mikolajewski, H. Trzaskowska, M. Kubicki, and Z. Preibisz
Neural networks and wavelet analysis of the atmospheric 7Be radioactivity changes and its relation to ground level air conductivity

18:00 End of Session

19:00 Banquet of the Conference at the Versailles City Hall
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