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ICAE Fall 1999 News Letter


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ICAE ’99 CONFERENCE (Guntersville, AL)

The 11th International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity has been successfully held in Guntersville, Alabama, June 7-11, 1999. Organized by the International Commission on Atmospheric Electricity and the Global Hydrology and Climate Center, the conference was sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Marshall Space Flight Center, and the National Science Foundation. The Conference Chairman, Hugh J. Christian Jr., has performed a great work in hosting this meeting. His contribution, warmly appreciated by the whole community, allowed fruitful discussions between conference attendees. During the conference, some changes occurred within the International Commission on Atmospheric Electricity. Marcia Baker, Phil Krider, and Bill Winn left the commission. Paul Krehbiel, Pierre Laroche, Vlad Rakov, and Dave Rust were elected new members. New officers have also been elected. The new President is now Pierre Laroche (ONERA, Paris, France), and the new Secretary is Serge Chauzy (Laboratoire d’Aérologie, UPS, Toulouse, France). Phil Krider, former President, and Earle Williams, former Secretary, have realized an outstanding work during their presence at the head of the commission. Hearty thanks from the international community!

*The XIth Global Warming International Conference and Expo

This conference, will be held April 25-28 2000, in Boston. The main issues are: Global warming and climate change, Global surveillance: climate future, Education: global change, Human health in a changing climate, Energy and natural resource management, International law and policy making, State and local government actions. 400-word abstracts had to be submitted before October 17, 1999. Other important deadlines: Advanced registration: January 15, 2000; Registration: March 1, 2000. (http://www.GlobalWarming.net).

*AGU Fall Meeting/case

This year AGU Fall Meeting will be held December 13-17, in San Francisco, California. Preregistration deadline: November 9, 1999; Housing deadline: November 12, 1999. Registration can be made electronically through AGU Web site. Don MacGorman (Chair, AGU/CASE) let us know that the AGU Committee on Atmospheric and Space Electricity (CASE) meeting at this year AGU Fall Meeting will be held on Thursday, December 16, at 5:30 pm. The room will be announced later. You do not have to be a CASE member to attend. All who are attending the Fall Meeting are invited. More information on the Web site: http://www.agu.org


This conference, to be held in Toulouse (France) 1-4 February 2000, is intended to be a first step in fostering research coordination in this area. It includes topics like climatology, severe wind, hail, electrical phenomena, synoptic and mesoscale processes, numerical modeling, forecasting. More information on the Web site: http://www.eurotornado.ou.edu.


This annual assembly will be held in Nice (France), 25-29 April 2000. Quite a few sessions of the "Oceans and Atmosphere" division should be of interest for our community members. Abstract deadline: 15 December, 1999. More information on the Web site: http://www.copernicus.org/EGS/EGS.html.


The 2001 Spring Meeting of the American Geophysical Union will take place in Boston, USA, May 29 – June 2, 2001. The abstracts submission deadline is March 1, 2001. More information on the web site: www.agu.org/meetings.


JGR Atmospheres will have four new Editors next year. Two will replace the current editors, Mary Anne Carroll and Roni Avissar, and two new positions are being created. Approximately 1295 articles were processed last year. At least one of the new editors will reside outside of North America. The search committee was formed in early October and consists of eight members, including three from meteorology (Holton-Washington, Hamilton-Princeton, and Orville-Texas A&M). It is anticipated that interviews will begin during the AGU Meeting in mid-December in San Francisco. Members of the atmospheric electricity community are encouraged to consider this opportunity and nominate themselves or colleagues. Further information can be obtained directly from the AGU Headquarters, Washington, DC, or from R. Orville through his email address: rorville@tamu.edu.

Special Issue "bernard Vonnegut" of Atmospheric Research

The journal "Atmospheric Research" (Editors in chief: Jean Dessens, Clive P. R. Saunders, and John T. Snow) published, in July 1999, a special issue entitled "The Vonnegut Special Issue", the guest editor being Haflidi H. Jonsson. 11 papers devoted to atmospheric electricity appear in this issue, vol 51, n°3-4.

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