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ICAE Spring 2000 News Letter


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Dick Orville reports:

The AGU Search Committee for JGR-Atmospheres Editors has completed its assignment. Out of 25-30 candidates, 12 were interviewed and 4 names were recommended to the President of AGU. All four have accepted. Their names, preceded by their area of responsibility are as follows:

  • Chemistry and Composition: Darin Toohey, University of Colorado
  • Aerosols/Physics of Atmospheres: Colin O'Dowd, University of Helsinki
  • Transport Processes: Steven Pawson, Univ. Space Research Associates, NASA (GSFC)
  • Climate and Dynamics: Alan Robock, Rutgers University

These new editors will begin phasing in this year and the transition should be complete by December. Your first question may be, "Who should receive the AE papers?" Answer: I'm not sure. It may be Alan Robock, but the Editors will have to decide among themselves the division of papers. The categories above are just approximate. When I discussed atmospheric electricity with "candidate" Alan Robock, I know that he said he would depend heavily upon his associate editors. So I suspect this will be his procedure. I know that when Bill Chameides was Editor, he sent most, if not all, of the AE manuscripts to me as I was an associate editor at the time. If you have any questions, I will try to answer them. Your can reach me at: rorville @ tamu.edu.


The original scientific notebooks of C.T.R. Wilson are currently archived in the library of the Royal Society in London. These notebooks contain a wealth of fascinating material on the seasonal variation of the global circuit, illustrations of positive ground flashes in stratiform clouds, illustrations of the convective and electrical structure of thunderstorms, and numerous calculations on runaway electrons. Living relatives of Wilson (his daughter Jessie and his grandson Andrew) have graciously requested that this material be made available for researchers in atmospheric electricity. Negotiations are underway with the Royal Society library to allow for this access.

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