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ICAE Fall 2001 News Letter


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The Geophysical Calender is issued annually by the International Space Environment Service (ISES/NOAA) to recommend dates for solar and geophysical observations, which cannot be carried out continuously. Paper copies of this Calender used to be sent every year to various institutions and scientists. There will be no more paper release since it is now available on the website of ISES :http://ises-spaceweather.org. The 2001 edition can be presently consulted and the 2002 edition will be available soon.


Earle Williams reports:

The Center for the History of Physics of the American Institute of Physics (Spencer Weart) has recently provided funds for the microfilming of the research notebooks of C.T.R. Wilson. Comprising fifty volumes, this material is presently in archive in the library of the Royal Society of London. The microfilming will enable wider access to this valuable resource. Requests to have the material digitized and placed on a website were declined by the Royal Society, owner of the copyright.

NFPA 780

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) held a hearing on October 4, 2001, on the status of NFPA 780, their lightning protection standard. On October 11, 2001, NFPA announced it would retain NFPA 780 and issue the 2000 edition of the Standard, which had been held up pending this hearing. The CASE report submitted to the NFPA as substantiation of the scientific basis of conventional lightning protection systems (available at the AGU CASE website at http://CASE.agu.org) was a major factor in helping to retain this valuable standard. The CASE working group, formed as a result of the discussion of the status of NFPA 780 at the annual CASE meeting of December 18, 2000, was chaired by Bill Rison of New Mexico Tech. The CASE report was endorsed by the AGU President Marcia McNutt and by the ICAE President Pierre Laroche.


Richard Orville reports:

The American Geophysical Union is launching a new all electronic journal beginning this January. There will be two issues each month, published on the Web on the 15th and 30th. Richard Orville, Editor (Texas A&M University), will be assisted by an advisory board consisting of Vlad Rakov (University of Florida) and Dave Sentman (University of Alaska). We will select articles in the field of atmospheric electricity from AGU journals in press, primarily from JGR-D (Atmospheres), JGR-A (Space Physics), Radio Science, and Geophysics Research Letters. All articles in AGU journals will be surveyed for their atmospheric electricity content and relevance to our field. I anticipate that approximate 5-10 articles will be published electronically in Editor's Choice-Atmospheric Electricity.

The first two months, January and February 2002, are free to AGU members. Sign up; try it out. Annual subscriptions will be $36. Contact Stephan Cole (scole @ agu.org) to subscribe!

Email me at rorville @ tamu.edu if you have questions about this new AGU initiative. I will anticipate one frequent question by noting that the AGU does not plan to make articles published before January 2002 available through Editor's Choice-Atmospheric Electricity. All AGU articles beginning in January 2002 related to atmospheric electricity will be considered for this new electronic journal.

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