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Spring 2001
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ICAE Spring 2001 News Letter


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The Newsletter on Atmospheric Electricity is now sent by e-mail. We remind all our colleagues that it is also routinely provided on the web (http://ae.atmos.uah.edu), thanks to Monte Bateman’s help. Those individuals needing a mail version should contact Serge Chauzy: (chas@aero.obs-mip.fr) or Pierre Laroche: (laroche@onera.fr). They will receive the Newsletter in its paper version. Those knowing anybody who needs such a paper version are also welcome to contact us. On the other hand, the easiest way to communicate being now electronic mail, we would be grateful to all of those who can help us complete the "atmospheric electricity" list of email addresses already available.

Contributions to the next issue of this Newsletter (May 2001) will be welcome and should be submitted to Serge Chauzy or Pierre Laroche before April 30, 2001, preferably under word attached documents. A reminder will be sent to all colleagues whose e-mail addresses are presently listed.

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