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ICAE Spring 2002 News Letter


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The 2002 AGU Spring Meeting, sponsored by the American Geophysical Union, is being held 28 - 31 May 2002 in Washington, DC (Washington Convention Center), U.S.A. For detailed information, contact: AGU Meetings Department, 2000 Florida Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20009 USA; Phone: +1-202-462-6900; Fax: +1-202-328-0566; E-mail: meetinginfo@agu.org; Web Site: www.agu.org/meetings. For more information, visit the site http://earth.agu.org/meetings/meetings.html.



The AMS Conference on Cloud Physics, sponsored by the American Meteorological Society and organized by the AMS Committee on Cloud Physics, is held 3-7 June 2002 at the Ogden Eccles Conference Center located in the Ogden Marriott in Ogden, Utah. This year Cloud Physics is held in conjunction with the AMS 11th Conference on Atmospheric Radiation, with which there will be several joint sessions.



The 10th Conference on Mountain Meteorology and the Mesoscale Alpine Programme (MAP) Meeting 2002 will be held 17-21 June 2002 in Park City, Utah. The conference is sponsored by the American Meteorological Society, the International Conference on Alpine Meteorology (ICAM), and the European Meteorological Society (EMS) and organized by the AMS Committee on Mountain Meteorology. More information on the website: http://www.ametsoc.org/AMS.



The International Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Science Conference will be held 22-26 July 2002 at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii. The conference is sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Space Development Agency (NASDA) of Japan. For further information: visit http://trmm.gsfc.nasa.gov.



The 21st Conference on Severe Local Storms, sponsored by the American Meteorological Society and organized by the AMS Committee on Severe Local Storms, will be held 12-16 August 2002 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. This conference will be held in conjunction with the 19th Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting and the 15th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction. Detailed information on BAMEX can be found at http://www.mmm.ucar.edu/bamex/science. For more information visit web page at http://www.ametsoc.org/AMS.



The 2002 URSI General Assembly will be held 17-24 August 2002 in Maastricht, Netherlands. There will be a joint session organized by Commissions H, G, and E, titled: "Lightning effects in the ionosphere and the radiation belts". Session Organizers: Steve Cummer, Craig Rodger, and Yasuhide Hobara. This session will cover all aspects of coupling between lightning and the ionosphere/magnetosphere system. This includes direct interactions, such as those leading to transient optical emissions like sprites and jets, and indirect interactions, such as whistler-induced magnetospheric particle precipitation and its effect on the radiation belts. Papers reporting experimental and theoretical results on these and related topics, such as the local and global effects of these processes and the characteristics of lightning responsible for these phenomena, have been solicited. Information available on the web at: http://www.ursi-ga2002.nl.



The 26th International Conference on Lightning Protection, ICLP 2002 will be held at Cracow in Poland 2nd to 6th September 2002. This conference will provide an excellent opportunity for scientists, engineers, designers and users of lightning protection systems, from a wide range of universities and industry, to present and discuss the latest scientific results and share their practical experience in the field of lightning protection technology. http://www.iclp2002.pl.

Notification of final acceptance of presentation is given before June 1st 2002.

Main topics are:

  1. Lightning discharge
  2. Lightning occurrence characteristics
  3. Lightning electromagnetic impulse (LEMP) and lightning-induced effects
  4. Lightning attachment
  5. Lightning down-conductors and grounding
  6. Lightning protection of power systems
  7. Lightning protection of electronic systems
  8. Lightning deleterious effects
  9. Practical and specific lightning protection problems
  10. Lightning protection and lightning testing standards

For more information, visit website: http://www.iclp2002.pl.



The AMS Board for Operational Government Meteorologists, District of Columbia AMS Chapter, AMS Board of Private Sector Meteorology, and National Weather Association’s Weather Analysis and Forecasting Committee are co-sponsoring an operations- and community-focused regional conference on Mid-Atlantic Winter Storms. This conference will be held in the NOAA Auditorium and Science Center, Silver Spring, Maryland, on 3-5 October 2002. The NOAA Auditorium and Science Center is adjacent to the National Weather Service Headquarters.

The theme of the 2002 conference is "Improving Mid-Atlantic Winter Storm Forecasts, Warnings and Decision Making." This regional conference is the first in a series of meetings focused on areas of regional interest. We plan on this conference serving as a prototype for future and continued efforts to understand and address regional challenges and issues.

For further information visit AMS website (http://www.ametsoc.org/AMS).



The second World Space Congress will be held at Houston, TX, USA, 10-19 October 2002. Of special interest for our community is session C2.6: Changing Middle Atmosphere Electrodynamic Phenomena included in Scientific Commission C: Space Studies of the Upper Atmosphere of the Earth and Planets including Reference Atmospheres.


An important, and somewhat neglected, area of middle atmosphere science concerns the broad range of electrodynamic phenomena occurring there. Changes of such phenomena, over a very large range of temporal scales, are the topics to be discussed in this event, and will include:

  • * the effects of lightning, blue jets, sprites and elves,
  • * Schumann resonance effects,
  • * solar flare and auroral effects on the global atmospheric electric circuit, ion chemistry and electrical conductivity profiles,
  • * longitudinal and tidal effects,
  • * solar rotation, cosmic ray (Forbush decrease) and geomagnetic storm effects, and
  • * solar cycle effects, due both to solar UV radiation and to galactic cosmic ray changes.

Observations, theory and numerical simulations will all be considered, in order to improve our understanding of the physics underlying such different phenomena in our changing atmosphere: particular attention will be paid to positive and/or negative feedback effects. The event will be comprised of a balanced mixture of solicited presentations, contributed papers and poster presentations.

The main scientific organiser is Michael J.Rycroft (Professor) CAESAR Consultancy, 35 Millington Road, Cambridge CB3 9HW, U.K. (michael.j.rycroft@ukgateway.net), Phone: +44 (0)1223 353839, Fax: +44 (0)1223 303839. For more information visit the website: http://www.copernicus.org/COSPAR/COSPAR.html. The final deadline for abstracts submission was 1 May 2002.

This event is co-sponsored by ICAE(IAMAS/IUGG), NCAR, SCOSTEP, and URSI.



The 2002 International Lightning Detection Conference, sponsored by Global Atmospherics, Inc., will be held 16-18 October 2002, in Tucson, Arizona, at the University Park Marriott. Topics will include meteorological correlations, lightning signatures, geographic and orographic effects on observed lightning parameters, global lightning detection, 3-dimensional lightning mapping, large-scale (regional/continental) lightning network integration, forecasting and nowcasting improvements, forensic analysis and damage investigation, electric power line performance, telecommunications issues, aviation management, and developing safety recommendations.

For those who received abstracts acceptance notification, final papers are due 15 August 2002. Contact gstevens@glatmos.com. For further information please contact: Shelly Denman, 2002 ILDC Coordinator, Global Atmospherics, Inc., 2705 East Medina Road, Tucson, AZ 85706 (tel: 520-806-7498 or 800-283-4557, fax: 520-741-2848, e-mail: sdenman@glatmos.com).



The Atmospheric Electricity Group (ELAT) of the Brazilian National Institute of Space Research (INPE) is organizing the Third Brazilian Workshop on Atmospheric Electricity. The focus of the event is on the following topics: lightning physics, detection, observations and effects; thunderstorm dynamics and electrification; and electrical properties of the atmosphere. Relevant contributions in other related topics could be considered. The event will be held in Rio de Janeiro from 04 to 07 Nov 2002. The first two events were in São Paulo in 1997 and in Rio de Janeiro in 1999 during the 5th and 6th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society. At this time, the event will occur together with the Ground' 2002 International Conference on Grounding and Earthing, which will be held in the same hotel. Authors interested to present a paper in the event were invited to submit a free format abstract before June 15 (extended deadline) to "osmar@dge.inpe.br", with copy to "lrc@cpdee.ufmg.br". A notification of acceptance will be sent. For the accepted abstracts, a full text should be sent until August 20. For further information contact:

ELAT Coordinator: Dr. Osmar Pinto Junior
Address: INPE, Av. Astronautas 1758
S.J. Campos, SP - Brazil 12227-010
Phone: 55-0xx-12-39456777, Fax: 55-0xx-12-39456810
E-mail: osmar@dge.inpe.br



The 2002 AGU Fall Meeting, sponsored by the American Geophysical Union, will be held 6 - 10 December 2002 in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. For detailed information, contact: AGU Meetings Department, 2000 Florida Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20009 USA; Phone: +1-202-462-6900; Fax: +1-202-328-0566; E-mail: meetinginfo@agu.org; Web Site: www.agu.org/meetings.



The 15th International Zurich Symposium and Technical Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility is planned for February 18-20, 2003 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETZ) in Zurich, Switzerland. Vlad Rakov has been invited to organize and chair a Special Session on Lightning and Its Effects. Papers for this Special Session may be submitted on the following topics.

  • Properties of the lightning discharge important for EMC
  • Lightning return-stroke models
  • Lightning EMP
  • Coupling of lightning electromagnetic fields to overhead and buried conductors
  • Lightning locating systems
  • Atmospherics
  • Lightning effects in the middle and upper atmosphere
  • Lightning protection
  • Lightning testing standards

Original, not previously published or elsewhere submitted preliminary manuscripts shall be sent electronically (preferred) to emc@nari.ee.ethz.ch or in 2 copies to:

Technical Program Committee EMC Zurich '03
ETH Zentrum - IKT, ETF
Sternwartstrasse 7
CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland

so that they arrive not later than July 1, 2002. The manuscript (in English) should not exceed 3600 words (6 pages in the final form including figures and tables). The format and style of the preliminary manuscript should have the character of a detailed description and must include key figures, diagrams, and data. The manuscript should be preceded by a 100-word abstract containing concepts and results, which are new with respect to previous work in the area. Please see the Call for Papers for further information at:


All contributions will be reviewed by the Technical Program Committee. To facilitate anonymous reviewing, authors' names and addresses with professional affiliations, phone, fax numbers, and E-mail addresses should be quoted on a separate sheet or file. Authors will be notified by September 16, 2002, author's kits will be enclosed. Camera-ready manuscript will be due by November 25, 2002.



The 2003 European Geophysical Society - American Geophysical Union - European Union of Geosciences Joint Assembly will be held 7 - 11 April 2003 in Nice, France. It will be sponsored by EGS, AGU, and EUG. Contact: EGS office, Max-Planck-Str. 13, 37191 Katlenburg-Lindau, GERMANY; Phone: +49-5556-1440; Fax: +49-5556-4709; E-mail: egs@copernicus.org; Web Site: www.copernicus.org/EGS; Deadline for receipt of abstracts : 15 January 2003; Deadline for pre-registration 07 March 2003



As it has been decided by the International Commission on Atmospheric Electricity during the 11th Conference held in Huntsville (Alabama, USA) in 1999, the Versailles (France) in 2003. The period chosen is 9-13 June. The 12th International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity is a unique opportunity to present and discuss the newest results and to assess the most relevant issues on atmospheric electricity and lightning physics. Young scientists are especially encouraged to attend the meeting and present the results of their research.

Most of the topics related to electricity in Atmosphere will be addressed: Fair Weather Electricity, Physics of lightning, Lightning Protection …

Deadline for abstract submission is 1st September 2002. The overall information on the Conference is available on the website of the International Commission on Atmospheric Electricity : http://www.atmospheric-electricity.org/.



The XXIIIrd General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics will be held in Sapporo, Japan, June 30 - July 11, 2003. The scientific program intends to highlight the latest developments in the relevant fast-breaking sciences, as well as reviewing progress in the traditional fields. Amongst the various associations depending from IUGG, IAMAS (International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences) will be present. The ICAE is one of the specialized commissions related to IAMAS. More information is available on the website: http://www.jamstec.go.jp/jamstec-e/iugg/index.html.


More information about conferences on websites of AGU (www.agu.org/meetings) and AMS (http://www.ametsoc.org/AMS).

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